Sunday, November 1, 2015

I love the Boy Scouting program.  There are so many good people involved, and it's such a great way to serve.  Moreover, camping is fun, and seeing the young men learn new skills and new ways to be independent and responsible is wonderful.
Events in the last year with the troop my sons have been a member of have caused them to no longer wish to be involved with the troop they have been in for the last five years.  My older son is plugged into a Venture Crew, but my younger son is being very resistant to joining a new troop, and he's not old enough to join a Venture Crew.

Last year we started a Girl Scout Troop, and that has been going pretty well.  We have eight Brownies and eight Juniors, separated into two patrols.  The girls get along great, and we have just enough support from the parents to make it work.  Given the preference of the girls for arts and crafts, stories and giggling, it's a little different from what I am used to.